Friday, 14 February 2014


Ah, Valentine’s Day, the hallmark holiday here to bring the annual reminder to the single that they are in fact single. With the uneasy transition of January into February I think we saw this day approaching. During the days leading up to Valentine’s Day, a few of my friends asked me how I was going to “deal” with being single on this momentous occasion. I simply explained that I would go about my day like every other day, loving life, loving the lord, and loving myself. In this day and age people have started describing singleness as a “curse” or “just a phase we all go through”, when really it’s an awesome season of life. For the single this valentine’s day, DON’T ABUSE YOUR SINGLENESS, because you don’t know how long you have until it’s over! And personally, I think you can’t be happy with someone until you learn to be happy with yourself. You can’t expect someone to be the source of all your joy. The thing about people is, is that we’re only human. We’ll let you down, we’ll disappoint you, and we’ll inevitably mess up. You can’t completely wrap your life around one person. You have to learn to be happy alone before you can ever be happy with someone else. Your partner should be someone to compliment you, not complete you. So, Happy Valentine’s Day to all the happy couples, what you have together is beautiful and special (don’t abuse each other either!), and to all my single ladies and men Happy Valentine’s day, and just have fun with it!

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