Friday, 18 October 2013

If You Really Knew Me You'd Know That...

That I love to finish a bottle of grigio by myself while ugly crying to a foreign movie with subtitles where everyone loses

That I really enjoy running, and even more so when it hurts, so I’m not quite sure if I’m a masochist or not.

 That I think talking about intimate things with strangers is the best way to get unbiased opinions about my life and trials

 That I’m not sure if I’m actually emotionally unavailable or just a douche bag

That the first time I took a class on art theory, I came to the conclusion that there shouldn't be theories on art

 That I think there’s a fine line of being lost and in control

 That I think the best way to get over a break is by drinking a bottle of wine while dancing to your favorite music, until you break down and cry at the reality of the situation

That my mum loves perfection, and I continually strive for her approval

That I hate when people put chewed gum on their glass or plate.

That I’m the most social unsocial person at the same time

 That I’m pursuing a degree in biology, and slowly coming to the realization that science majors don’t sleep. 

That after my first time I cried which made him cry, and then we read the bible and he took me home

That I like doing simple minded tasks, because my life is so fast paced

That I'm confused with the people who come to lecture late, then proceed to sleep

That i'm annoyed with people who protest things they don't know about

That my parents pay my rent

 That when I see any type of animal in it’s baby version I immediately need to own

That I think that people who only go to church on Easter Sunday are odd

That I don’t appreciate the gym being packed the first week of January

 That I think people who have fights over social media are silly, but I will still probably read it

Now you know me.

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