Friday, 27 September 2013

The Moral Compass

“I like to party with my bosses, they go hard. They’re married so I don’t have to worry about my dancing being taken in a wrong way.” This the statement I overheard on my way home on the bus. I’m a sophomore in college, and over hearing the scandalous endeavors of my fellow colleagues is a bit all too regular to me. However today, this one by far has taken the cake. When I heard this, I had to know who was stating such an erroneous thing. I looked over to see the comment came from an average size, unnatural red-headed girl in a black t-shirt. She was nothing special nor new nor different, just the average run in the mill college student. So I got to thinking, is this the kind of thing that average people think is okay on the regular? As I pondered this I came to the realization that all people cannot be generalized in one category, and the same goes for their morals. Everyone has gone through their own unique socialization process that has In turn, created them with their own moral compass. Their moral compass guides them emotionally, and tells them whether what they’re doing is good or bad. So this girl, why did her moral compass not steer her out of the way of her boss, and for that matter a married man? I wanted to inform her that her argument was invalid for the shear fact that “grinding” on a married man is actually worse, then again, what is a married man doing letting such a girl press up against him on the dance floor. This is usually where people forget that there is a second party in the equation who is just as guilty. Why is there a married man at a party dancing with women, even worse so, an employee? So what is that saying about his moral compass? There are certain things in this world that I would think should be taken as universals but sadly aren’t. My idea for what is right could be seen as wrong and vice versa. We all have a way of thinking and doing thing. We all have our own personal ideals that we let determine the way in which our life is lead. So is it right to judge someone else’s moral compass? Yes, no, possibly so. Whatever answer it is doesn’t really matter because we’ll do it anyway. We all do it intentionally and unintentionally. Take into account a girl dressed in a provocative and scandalous way. In our heads we already have the preconceived notion that girl is “loose, a tramp, a skank, a slut, an nymph of the pave” etcetera. Why do we think this way? Because our moral compass tells us wearing such a thing is to the point of disgust and immorality. However, from her perspective maybe her mom, sister, aunt, or just someone she really admired wore a similar style. Maybe she wore it and no one told her it was wrong. So is he really at fault? So many questions with answers that lead to more questions. In the end, everyone is free to choose for themselves. Although, personally I have a way I believe life should be lived, everyone has their form of guidance.

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